Session III

Crash and Carry pt. 1

Session Date: August 1, 2009

Characters: Valentine, R’Bel, Rithban, MEA

The party has almost reached the southern continent, when a pirate ship emerges from behind a small shard. Valentine identifies it as the ship belonging to The Green Tooth, an orc captain, and promptly orders her crew to battle stations, knowing that any pirate – and especially an orc – won’t simply want to parlay. Ship-to-ship combat is joined, with the Angel’s Rest firing several volleys at the orcish vessel, the orcs do not return fire, but give chase until they get in range for their grappler guns. With a few good shots, the Angel’s Rest manages to wound the enemy craft, but then the enemy launches two grappling bolts into her stern.

One bolt shocks the heck out of Rithban when he trys to touch it. He then uses magic to make himself and R’Bel invisible and they fly over to deal with the grapple gunners themselves. Valentine does her best to repel the orcs and command her crew at the same time, and MEA flies about administering healing and aid to the men as they are knocked about by the electrified cables and bolts. They are almost successful, but with two bolts still attached to the Angel’s Rest the orc captain pulls a surprising maneuver and shocks the ship into shorting out.

With the Angel’s Rest dead in the sky, the orcs fly their ship overhead. R’Bel goes after the enemy captain, while Valentine prepares her crew to repel boarders. However, combat is averted when Rithban attempts to apply his magical expertise directly to the enemy ship. He manages, just barely, to control the enemy engines and get the orcish vessel somewhere not directly overhead. Though the engine over loads and the backlash hits him. After this, both ships are dead in the sky. Rithban limps back onto the Angel’s Rest, R’Bel gets some parting shots in on the enemy captain, and Valentine gets her crew working hard on getting the ship moving again. Mea goes below deck to find SAM. SAM uses his abilities to make a wind that the ship can use to move. Soon enough, the ship is mobile, but it still takes all of Valentine’s considerable aeronautic skill to bring the ship to a controlled landing in the middle of the southern jungle. After camouflaging the ship, the party prepares for a trek on foot into the town of Hornet Cove.


Session III

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