Fun and Adventure on the Sky Seas!

Welcome to the Shard world of Kros. Think Pirates of the Carribean meets Magetech.

The world has two very different sides to it: the shards and the planet. The shards are places of high society with high magetech and luxury at their fingertips. The people of the Shard kingdoms have grown lazy and opulent. Many are the nobles here, and with that much money laying around thieves and brigands are sure to follow.

The planet itself is very lightly populated and is mostly covered by thick jungle. The people that call the planet home are very nature oriented, with a tribal social structure. The world is very overgrown and wild, making it a fight just to survive. Magetech doesn’t last long on the planet surface; it’s almost as if the planet is opposed to it somehow.

Trade is the glue that holds this world together. Most shards are not self-sufficient and rely on trade with other shards and the surface towns to keep up their lifestyle. The mineral jade has taken the place of gold; it is the currency of the world. With this much trade, there is big business in being a sky pirate and there is constant friction between the pirates, the Navy, and the merchants guild.

Jade Sea

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