R'Bel Dagger

Is young and a bit green to the larger world. He was trained to be the shaman and protector of his tribe.


R’Bel Dagger full name Ra’s Bel Dagger.

The name means Ra’s Beloved Dagger or the Dagger of Ra.

Ra is the name of R’Bels tribes Totem which takes the form of a sabered tooth plains cat which is called a Kimb’Ra.

R’Bels Tribe name is Ra’ Sol which means the Sons of Ra.

R’Bels’ Parents where killed by a saber toothed plains cat. His father was the first to fall under the Kimb’Ras claws. His mother put up a more valiant fight wounding one of them. That’s when its mate attacked her from behind. R’Bel was lucky that there was a hunting party close by that heard the screaming from his dieing parents. R’Bel turned to run when the male Kimb’Ra clawed his back leaving five deep gashes down his back, before the hunters killed it.

The hunters took R’Bel back to their encampment and presented him to the chief of the tribe, the only thing that saved him from being a slave to the tribe where the claw marks on his back. The shaman stepped forward and spoke to the chief in a whisper, than the chief announced R’Bel was sent to them by Ra and has marked him to be a full member of the tribe. Since he was marked by the touch of Ra he would be trained as a shaman.

After his 18th birthday the shaman came to R’Bel and presented him with his fathers bracers. When he put them on he felt an extreme stab of pain scream through his body. Later he found out it was himself screaming. When the pain reached his head he screamed in pain and anguish. For something was searching his mind and memories for what seemed like eons but it only took moments.

R'Bel Dagger

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