A highly intelligent buccaneer fond of diamonds and the color pink.


Although Valentine has all the usual pirate skills (plundering, pillaging, the like), she prefers to be called a buccaneer or adventurer rather than a pirate. In her clothing and jewelry choices, she loves the colors pink and white; in fact, any attractive pink or white thing (including diamonds) that can be worn is a weakness for her.

Valentine is very agile; a consummate communicator, gymnast, and sailor; a master fencer (as in using the sword); and a skilled navigator and cartographer. She’s an excellent strategist and writer. She does a lot of wheeling and dealing in both legitimate and not-so-legitiment market places; she has many connections in both. She’s a gourmet. Rum and pipe tobacco connoisseur, though she has the quirk of never actually lighting her pipe, since she prefers to smell the aroma of the unlit tabacco. She’s a smooth talker with a silver tongue. Attended the finest of private schools.

Highly intelligent, she craves adventure and excitement. Valentine is an expert with Magetech and can crack almost any system.

Valentine’s airship, Angel’s Rest, is a 62-foot sailing vessel with extras, like the one in the movie Stardust, with a crew of five, including a top cook/chef. The airship’s crew is all female. Aside from the cook, most of the crew is multi-talented, able to do the many chores required to run a small ship. The ship has four cabins (including the captain’s suite, which has a king-sized bed; the other three cabins have queen-sized beds), each with a bathroom, plus an additional four double-berth rooms and three heads. In addition, there are berths for six crew. (Thus, she can accommodate a minimum of 17 people counting herself and crew; up to 20 if each cabin is shared by two people.)

The Angel’s Rest has all conveniences, including a washer and dryer, a fully equipped galley, etc. She is basically a magical sailboat, so she has sails and an engine, and she can sail on water if needed, but mostly sails through the skies. She is painted white with pink trim; the interior is richly and gorgeously appointed in lovingly polished woods.


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